Hypnosis has long been used both for restoring health, and to entertain audiences.

I am Steven Severin, a specialist in Hypnotic Gastic Band Hypnosis for weight loss. I am also a fundraising specialist and can help your organization raise funds through my comedy hypnosis shows. You can call me at (209) 538-4014 now and I can help you or your community organization reach its goals.

In my Manteca office, I provide comprehensive services, including medical applications of hypnotherapy. These include solutions for IBS, insomnia, fear and phobias and even helping you to enhance memory. Call me now and lets schedule your initial session.

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I am going to help you become all you can be! Hypnosis works, and I can help you benefit.

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Answering Questions About Manteca Hypnosis with Steven Severin


Suggestions stay with individuals indefinitely, others need reinforcement. The effects of hypnosis are cumulative. The more techniques are practiced and post-hypnotic suggestions are brought into play, the more permanent the results become. Self hypnosis training and reinforcement CD’s for home use also provide additional help.


Hypnotists methods vary, but they all depend on a few basic prerequisites.

  • The subject must want to be hypnotized.
  • The subject must believe he or she can be hypnotized.
  • The subject must eventually feel comfortable and relaxed

If these criteria are met, the hypnotist can guide the subject into a hypnotic trance using a variety of methods. The most common hypnotic techniques are:

  • FIXED GAZE INDUCTION OR EYE FIXATION – This is the method you often see in movies, when the hypnotist waves a pocket watch in front of the subject.
  • PROGRESSIVE RELAXATION AND IMAGERY – This is the hypnosis method most commonly used by psychiatrists. By speaking to the subject in a slow, soothing voice, the hypnotist gradually brings on complete relaxation and focus, easing the subject into full hypnosis. Typically, self-hypnosis training, as well as relaxation and meditation audio tapes, use the progressive method.
  • RAPID – The idea of this method is to overload the mind with sudden, firm commands. If the commands are forceful and the hypnotist is convincing enough, the subject will surrender his or her conscious control over the situation. This method works well for a stage hypnotist because the novel circumstance of being up in front of audience puts subjects on edge, making them more susceptible to the hypnotist’s commands.


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